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Professional, experience-based company with remarkably high success rate.

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What makes Lexington Law a great choice?

Lexington Law stands out with their extensive experience and highly-competent team.

They have been in the business for 28 years, and have been offering credit repair services since 2004. Since then, they’ve helped over 500,000 people remove millions of negative items from their reports.

With Lexington Law you can be sure that your case is in good hands. Every team member is specifically trained for credit repair, consumer protection and reporting regulations. Every team member is a competent professional: attorney, paralegal, or at the very least - someone trained by them.

They are known for remarkably high success rate and they are strictly transparent about what results can be realistically achieved.

Each customer gets assigned an individual who will work on the case. That way he will be able to understand your case thoroughly and be able to update you on the progress anytime.

Their services can be booked online and by phone. You’re also welcome to visit them in North Salt Lake, Utah for personal service. 

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The Good

Professional staff.

Over 15 years of experience and 500,000 clients helped.

Same contact person throughout the entire process.

Free consultations.

Access to educational resources.

24-hour online access.

The Less Good

Extra charge for additional disputes (only with Concord Standard plan)

Unremarkable BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating

Slightly more expensive than competitors

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How much does Lexington Law cost?

Every case is different. Some require more effort to achieve favorable result, some require a little less. To best fit everyone’s needs and offer affordable pricing, you can choose between three pricing tiers.

Choose the one that seems to fit the best for your situation, or use the advantage of Lexington Law’s free consultation. They will gladly help you decide.

Concord Standard


The Concord Standard plan is a great fit if you need help with removing few incorrect items, as you have to pay extra for each additional credit report.

The company will analyze your credit report, find the incorrect, outdated or otherwise misleading items, and communicate with the creditors and credit bureaus to get them removed.

NOTE: This plan includes removal of minor mistakes in your report. If your score is drastically affected, you should probably choose a higher tier plan.

Concord Premier


The Concord Premier is the next level after Standard plan and is suited for moderately damaged credit score. Same as with the Standard plan, the company will communicate with creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf, yet you’re receiving additional services.

You will receive credit monitoring, which updates you on the progress and a monthly improvement chart. With the Premier plan you won’t have to pay extra for additional disputes. The company will create as many dispute letters as necessary, to achieve the best possible results.

Premier Plus


No matter how complicated your current situation is, Lexington Law is ready to help. Premier Plus plan is ready to tackle even the most severe cases. The plan includes all the services from previous pricing tiers, and includes various identity fraud and financial tools to remove the most complex items.

If your score is severely damaged or you’ve been a victim of identity theft or fraud, this is the package you should choose.

How can Lexington Law help you?

You might be curious:

"How important is my credit score and how does it affect my daily life (if at all)?"

"How am I going to benefit from Lexington Law’s services?"

It's important. Highly important. Here are 5 ways you would benefit by improving your credit score:

  • They can help you obtain credit you were previously denied for. This might include credit cards, home loans, or other financing.
  • They can help you get lower interest rates. With less than ideal credit, you may still be able to get a loan, but your interest rate will be much higher.
  • They can help you get lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies often use your credit score as a determining factor when deciding your rates.
  • They can help you get that apartment. Almost all landlords have minimum credit score requirements for potential tenants.
  • They can help you get the job you want. Many companies now use your credit score as a determining factor in their hiring process.

Your credit score reflects your creditworthiness to the creditors, credit bureaus, insurance companies and even your landlord or employer. The higher your score, the more trustworthy you seem and the more opportunities you are eligible for, including lower interest rates.

The lower your score… The less trustworthy you seem. Your interest rate goes up and you might lose on opportunities, simply, because your score is too low.

Lexington Law will help you remove the negative items in your credit report. Even a single item removed, could result in a drastic, positive change.

You might be just one or few negative items away from long desired purchase, opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t appear and massive savings.

What does the credit repair process look like?

You might be wondering: “How do they do that?”

While it’s a complicated process indeed, and you’re truly better off leaving it to the professionals, it’s still valuable to know exactly how the repair process looks like.

Of course, Lexington Law will keep you properly informed about every step taken, but if you’re curious already, here’s the process:

They start by retrieving your credit reports from the credit bureaus to then analyze them, and find the items lowering your score.

Once they’re found, the professional assigned to your case sends dispute letters to the creditor responsible for the specific item.

Then they wait for responses and from there it can go two ways:

  • The negative item is removed.
  • Creditor denies the dispute.

If your assigned professional thinks it’s denied for no proper reason, he will take further action to defend your case under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The dispute process is repeated until they have achieved the expected or the best possible result.

You will be properly informed about every action taken and the results created. Additionally, you will receive credit mentoring, with access to a portal with educational resources. You are also welcomed to contact your representative to track the progress or for consulting matter.

The Concord Premier and Premier Plus also include access to online portal, which contains regularly updated information about your case.

How long does it take to improve your credit?

Each case is different. Some people see drastic improvements within a couple of months, some might need half a year.

The average time to achieve desirable results is around 6 months.

In very rare cases, it might take even up to a year. These cases typically include fraud or identity theft.

How to sign-up for Lexington Law?

Apply today and walk a step closer towards life, free of financial worries.

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They’ll help you decide how to deal with your case and walk you through the following steps.

The service can be cancelled anytime, hassle-free.

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