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What makes Credit Saint a great choice?

Credit Saint is one of the highest rated credit repair companies, with 15 years of experience. They’ve been accredited since 2007 and have an A+  Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

They offer three different pricing tiers, which you can choose from. The tier you should choose depends on the complexity of your case.

The monthly fees range from $59 to $99 per month, and the setup fees range from $99 to $195. However, the company does offer 90-day, money-back guarantee.

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The Good

A+ BBB rating.

90-day, money-back guarantee.

Affordable monthly fees.

The Less Good

High setup fees.

Not available in South Carolina.

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How much does Credit Saint cost?

To best suit the individual needs and ensure affordable pricing, Credit Saint offers three different pricing tiers. Choose the one that seem the most suitable for your case or use the advantage of Credit Saint’s free consultation. They will gladly help you decide.

Credit Polish

$99 setup fee & $59.99/mo.

Credit Polish can be used to remove minor inaccuracies. If you’re credit score is fairly good, but you would like to have it slightly improved, this package will do just that. If you’re case is fairly complex, choose a higher tier plan.

This package doesn’t include detailed information requests or dealing with severe cases, such as bankruptcies.

Credit Remodel

$99 setup fee & $79.99/mo.

Credit Remodel package is ready to tackle serious cases, including such items as: bankruptcies or repossessions.

Credit Remodel is suited for serious cases, even bankruptcies and repossessions. If your score is undoubtedly low and you would like to see drastic improvement, this plan could be right for you.

Clean Slate

$195 setup fee & $99.99/mo.

As the name, Clean Slate, says, this package will erase even the most stubborn items from your credit report. Credit Saint judges no one, we all might end up in unfortunate situations. If you’re dealing with one, reach out and Credit Saint will help you get back on the track, with a clean slate.

How can Credit Saint help you?

According to the FTC (Fair Trade Commission), at least one in five consumers have errors in their credit reports. That’s not too low of a chance that you’re one of the unfortunate ones. You might have misleading, incorrect or simply outdated items in your credit report negatively impacting your score.

It’s your right and duty to remove such items, and Credit Saint will help you do that. After 15 years of perfecting their methods and processes, they are ready to tackle any challenge and help you improve your score with proven methods.

Here are 5 ways you would benefit by improving your credit score:

  • They can help you obtain credit you were previously denied for. This might include credit cards, home loans, or other financing.
  • They can help you get lower interest rates. With less than ideal credit, you may still be able to get a loan, but your interest rate will be much higher.
  • They can help you get lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies often use your credit score as a determining factor when deciding your rates.
  • They can help you get that apartment. Almost all landlords have minimum credit score requirements for potential tenants.
  • They can help you get the job you want. Many companies now use your credit score as a determining factor in their hiring process.

What does the Credit Saint's process look like?

Credit repair is no doubt a serious and responsible process, yet Credit Saint makes it clear, simple and understandable for everyone. Here’s what they do to improve your score

Once you sign up, you get assigned a team of specialists who will work on your case and update you on the progress. They are available anytime, and will gladly answer any questions that arise along the way.

They will start by reviewing your credit reports. They will analyze them thoroughly and note down any suspicious item. Then, they will contact you and explain you what can be done to improve your score. During the discussion, they will also give you additional tips on how to improve your score.

After the discussion, they will start sending dispute letters for each of the inaccurate items found in your report.

The dispute is done in 45-day cycles. During the 45-day period, they send out the letters, receive the answers and evaluate the changes made. If the desired or the best possible outcome is achieved, they will let you know and advise to cancel the services.

If not, they will start another cycle and keep sending additional dispute letters.

Throughout the entire process, you will have access to the online portal. There you can follow the progress made on your case, and access valuable, educational materials.

How long does it take to improve your credit?

Nearly 95% of Credit Saint’s customers report seeing progress during the first 45-day cycle, but to achieve the best possible result, most cases require multiple rounds of disputes.

Some disputed items might require secondary letters, with additional information regarding the issue.

After each cycle you will be informed about the results, and the following steps. Credit Saint are always clear about what can be done, and you should see progress as long as you’re using their services.

When they’ve done as much as possible, they will contact you and advise to stop the services.

How to sign-up for Credit Saint?

With the top-rated credit repair company, you can’t go wrong. Over 95% have made remarkable progress and would advise Credit Saint to others.

Apply today and walk a step closer towards life, free of financial worries.

You can sign up using the link: *link here

Or give them a free call: *number here

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